Saturday, 1 June 2013

SEO Guidelines

SEO Guidelines-
Today I am traveling to acquaint you some best means how to advance your blog baronial on Seek engine, Alexa-Rank and Google Page Rank. this is basal advice about SEO next time we cafeteria complete advance about SEO backpack for blog so amuse subscribe our blog and accompany our association for apprentice best things about blogging .

1. How to advance seek engine Visibility?
Improving seek engine Afterimage is that the #1 ambition of anniversary websites to accomplish it on the accomplished of anniversary Seek Engines after-effects page and it isn't alone depending on 1 criteria, rather it is a aggregate of Back-links Page-rank web traffic/impressions, uniqueness, and agreeable superior of a website.

Here are some means we can access seek engine visibility.
Use SEO Optimized Blogger Templates
Submit your Websites to Seek Engines
Submit Website Sitemap To Webmaster Tools
Display Author angel in Google Seek Results
Use robots.txt
Complete How to Access Seek Engine Visibility?

2. What is Alexa and how to advance it?
Alexa shows your site's accepted estimated position and rank on the internet. to advance your Alexa, you charge to accept abounding Back-links top Page-rank and bags of internet traffic/impressions. Alexa doesn't amend in absolute time and usually takes three months to ascertain your accurate rank.
Here are some means we can access Alexa page rank. 
Claim your website on Alexa
Install Alexa Widget on your site
Address a analysis about Alexa on your blog
Install Alexa Toolbar on your browser
Build superior aback links
Ask users to address a analysis on Alexa

3. What is Page Rank and how to advance it?
Unlike Alexa, Page-rank alone shows your site's accepted estimated position on the web. to advance it, you charge to accept a lot of Back-links and articles. Like Alexa, Page-rank does not amend in absolute time.
Here are some means we can access Google Page Rank.
Address top superior agreeable
Submit Your Website to web and commodity Directories
Use Link Exchange Program to access aback links.
Keep afterlight your site/blog everyday
Use Amusing Bookmarking button to allotment you website on amusing sites
Website Advertising
Commenting On Other Blogs and Websites

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