Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I made Minions

Okay, I love the movie Despicable Me.  Honestly I love those little minion costume.

Roll of 1 inch foam (I used 2 rolls for all 3 of my minions)
Bright yellow spray paint
2 packages of black pipe cleaners ( I cut mine in half)
Hot glue gun
100 Hot glue sticks (not really 100 but you need a bunch)
1 Sheet of white felt
1 Sheet black felt
Fleece (black, blue, and yellow)

Reason number one, inspiration.  Reason number 2, keep the kids entertained while you make the costumes.

Then just cut it out.

Glue them together.  Love that!

I took my oatmeal container and cut it into round strips.  Then I used the duct tape to mark out arm holes, which I then cut out.

I figured out the circumference of my minion divided it in half, and added a little for seam allowance.  I cut 2 pieces of the blue fleece to the dimensions that I figured out.

Then I glued the pants to the foam top.  I made a little overall flap out of a rectangle of fleece.  Then I cut out 1 inch strips to be straps of the overalls and glued those on as well.
I cut long strips of black fleece and lined the opening.  I also glued on strips to make the strap of the eye goggles.

Then just glue on the hair.  Remember how my points wouldn't stay perfectly together?  Well I used the gap to glue the hair into.

I can tell you that my boys love these costumes!! 

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